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Bone & Joint bundle

Bone & Joint bundle



$506.00 $817.00

Lunar New Year gift set - Bone & Joint Bundle

I. Alage Calcium

✓ Plant-based algae calcium with unique honeycomb structure for optimal calcium bioavailability and retention

✓ Promotes bone health and bone strength*

✓ Formulated with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to promote calcium absorption and direct calcium to your bones*

✓ Mini tablets for convenience


II. Deep Sea Fish Oil

✓ 600mg of Omega 3 for healthy heart, brain, eye and joint health*

✓ Superior triglyceride form for maximum absorption

✓ Pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled for purest quality

✓ Industry leading 450 purity test checks for guaranteed purity

✓ No fishy aftertaste


III. Joint Support

✓ Advanced joint health formula with 8 potent ingredients

✓ Supports 6 signs of joint health (Mobility, Comfort, Strength, Flexibility, Lubrication, and Pain relief)*

✓ Mini tablets for an easier and better experience

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